Last Guardian ‘Pushes PS3 to its Limit’

Last Guardian creative director Fumito Ueda has said the game is pushing PS3 to its limits.

Speaking to Edge, the Team Ico man discussed the most challenging aspects of developing the stunning looking game, noting: “With Ico, the way the AI was implemented was a challenge, and in SOTC, the way you could climb those bosses was another.

The Last Guardian

“In this game, I’m implementing both together while applying a huge brush-up that pushes the PS3 to its limit. This is quite a task, and we still have a lot of work to perfect it.”

Ueda also said he’s still a “long way” from creating the perfect game character, although this isn’t something he puts down to the limitations of Sony’s console.

“… I want to create a character that is as perfect as possible. I mean, as natural as possible. I’d like players to feel it’s really alive… I’m certainly trying to make that perfect living character.

“This is a great platform that has a lot to offer, but it’s not a question of machine power. It’s more about how you get emotions out of a virtual character.

“All my games feature a wall,” Ueda added. “In the first, it was about language, while the second was more about the thinking. This time, it goes beyond that, with a creature that can’t speak and has its own behaviour. So they were about situations. I’d like to come to a point where I could really communicate with a character through words in a very natural manner.”

Ueda has recently revealed that this spring’s Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection could come with a demo for The Last Guardian.

The Last Guardian is expected to release in late 2011.

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